How can you care about animals with all this other shit going on?

For better or worse, our news feeds have become highly personalized. Sometimes we intentionally follow sources and pick topics and sometimes algorithms make decisions for us. In either case, as the things we see affect our world views and priorities, those things become individualized. Continue reading How can you care about animals with all this other shit going on?

New to Veganism? Get Connected.

I’ve been interested in animal rights for ages, but it wasn’t until I connected to the online community in the last several years, that I really started to see what is going on: the ideas, the arguments, the wins and losses, new products, and the larger conversation that is happening about animals. Continue reading New to Veganism? Get Connected.

30 Animal Sanctuaries to Follow

The internet is a stressful place these days. Of course, you can completely filter out news about the rapid deterioration of democracy and human decency, but then you’re kind of sticking your head into the sand. Instead, I recommend that you read the news in moderation and make sure to pad your social/news feeds with happy animals in safe places, where kind people are rubbing their bellies. Continue reading 30 Animal Sanctuaries to Follow

Mapping What to Why

This is an adaptation of the ‘Ice Breaker’ speech that I’m giving in the Toastmasters group at work that I just joined. It’s kind of just me talking about me. The ‘Ice Breaker’ speech, and a personal blog are generally two places where that’s acceptable, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I like pictures. I like drawing pictures of people and creatures that I invent, but I also like using pictures understand abstract ideas, so today I’m going to explain what I do and why I do it with some pictures. Continue reading Mapping What to Why

Five Pickets a Day

tl;dr Get things done, one step at a time.

We live in a world of prolific information. That information includes wisdom and good advice. All we have to do is filter out the bad, but most of the time, even when we get to the good and relevant, we’re just not ready to hear it. We hear things selectively or we hear and then forget, not making the change or taking the action that would improve our situations. Yet, sometimes the weirdest things stick with us. Continue reading Five Pickets a Day

I Don’t Want to Be an Activist

It’s not that I don’t have hobbies. It’s not that I need a greater purpose. It’s not that I like conflict. Nor is it that I like to be different or that I don’t have other things to talk about. In my ideal world, this issue wouldn’t be an issue and I’d just be playing outside, enjoying the sunshine. Continue reading I Don’t Want to Be an Activist

Going Vegan Guide

This article was originally posted on Medium, and I’m leaving it there, with some small edits. However, because there has been such a tremendous interest (everyone is going vegan), I felt like I should improve it and add a few more helpful details. And since I’ve just started yet another new blog, I decided to post it here. 

What is this? Realistic shopping, cooking and nutrition advice for a new vegan in Colorado.

As more and more people realize the horrors of consuming animals, the environmental impact of the gargantuan animal agriculture industry, the health benefits of veganism, or all of the above, I am being approached quite often with, “I’m going vegan. What should I eat? What should I buy? How do I cook?” Continue reading Going Vegan Guide