30 Animal Sanctuaries to Follow

The internet is a stressful place these days. Of course, you can completely filter out news about the rapid deterioration of democracy and human decency, but then you’re kind of sticking your head into the sand. Instead, I recommend that you read the news in moderation and make sure to pad your social/news feeds with happy animals in safe places, where kind people are rubbing their bellies.

I’m talking about animal sanctuaries! These wonderful places make such an enormous impact on the lives of the animals that they save. They also serve as an excellent outreach tool to get people to connect with real animals and make the mental connections between the parts they consume and the personalities of the individuals.

Leonard the piggy!
Leonard lives at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Ontario.

There are many hundreds of these organizations, that I’m aware of (maybe more?), and I see new ones popping up every day. I’m also very encouraged by the Microsanctuary Movement, but I’ll have to cover that another day. For the sake of time, I chose 30 favorites to share with you today. Please click on links, find your own favorites, and get out to your local sanctuary to meet the animals in person.

The list is alphabetical. Those in the United States or Canada have their state/province abbreviation listed in parentheses by the name. Sanctuaries in other countries have just the country listed.

  1. Barn Sanctuary (MI)  
  2. Brightside Farm Sanctuary (Tasmania)  
  3. Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary (CO)  
    • Great evolution from dairy farm to vegan sanctuary!
  4. Catskill Animal Sanctuary (NY)  
  5. Cedar Row Sanctuary 
  6. Farm Sanctuary (CA and NY)  
    • Founded by Gene Baur
    • One of the earliest farm animal sanctuaries
    • Three locations between NY and CA
  7. Farmhouse Garden Animal Home (ON)  
    • Farmer turned his farm into a sanctuary
    • Awesome story, adorable cows
  8. Freedom Farm Sanctuary (Israel)  
    • Israel’s first farm animal sanctuary
  9. FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary (Tasmania)  
  10. Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary (ON)  
  11. The Happy Herd Sanctuary (BC)  
  12. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary (PA)  
  13. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (Columbia)  
    • First sanctuary in Columbia; one of first in South America
  14. Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary (WY)  
    • All animals have previously been used in laboratory research
  15. Lasa Sanctuary (OH)  
  16. Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui (HI)  
    • First sanctuary I ever visited
    • Must-go if you are on Maui
  17. Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary (OR)  
  18. Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (CO)  
  19. Maple Farm Sanctuary (MA)  
  20. New Life Sanctuary (CA)  
    • Gives animals sanctuary after a life in a labratory
  21. Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (CO)  
  22. Piebird Farm Sanctuary (ON)  
  23. Pig Peace Sanctuary (WA)  
  24. The Pig Preserve (TN)  
  25. Rooterville Farm Sanctuary  
  26. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (TX)  
    • Woman convinces her rancher husband to go vegan and convert ranch to a sanctuary
  27. Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue (NJ)  
  28. The Donkey Sanctuary (Ireland)  
    • Donkeys.
  29. Wishing Well Sanctuary (ON)  
  30. Woodstock Sanctuary (NY)  

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